Meet My First Journal

Meet My First Journal.jpgRecently I have been getting a lot of comments about my journals. A lot of you love them what makes me really proud as I am really close to having 1000 followers on Instagram. Many comments are about how you guys don’t believe you could create something that could look nearly as good as mine. But let me tell you, you can too. That is why I want to share my very first Journal with you.

When I first started journaling I didn’t know anything about it. All I wanted was to have a place to write down things I wanted to remember.

The original Idea of my first journal was to be a planner but that didn’t last for even a whole page.


It became a place for me to write my poems in instead.


From time to time I would draw something in. Most of the time, when I was bored in school.


I started to glue in things I wanted to remember such as lyrics



and I started to write lists.


I became more and more creative.


I got into lettering


and started to experiment with my journal. I practised my lettering, tried out new thinks and even bought new supplies.


Over all of this, it still was a place for me to write my poems in and I even started to write my thoughts in when I felt bad.


All this time I didn’t even know about the big journaling community. I don’t know at which point I finally discovered it but it took a while. The only thing that mattered to me was to try. and I got better and better. I am now at journal number 4 and even started to sort things in different types of journals. I currently work on three different ones, which I will probably show you in my next post.

Don’t hesitate to try journaling yourself. It doesn’t have to be pretty and such as I did you will develop your own style over time. It takes practice to learn something but if you don’t start you never will end up being able to do it. I still practice every day but I refuse to give up trying to learn more and more how to draw, letter…

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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If you are interested here are some more journal flip throughs

My 2nd Journal

My 3rd Journal


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