Journaling essentials

Journaling Essentials.jpg

Today I want to share my five favourite journaling supplies that are either cheap or even for free.

1. A bag

I keep this little bag to put in my journal whenever I take it with me

Since I take my journals with me almost everywhere I go I got this little bag to put them in. I decorated it myself and I love how it turned out to look. The best think about this is that you don’t need to buy an expensive bag. Instead, you can use an old Shirt and sew it together. If you guys want to know how please tell me and I will make a tutorial on it.

2. A set of fine liner


When I started bullet journaling I bought the cheapest fine liner set I could find. You don’t need anything fancy. I love switching between different sizes. It makes your page look a little bit more “professional”.

3. Washi Tape


There is nothing better than Washi Tape. I have a huge collection. There are many different sizes, colours, patterns and ways to use it. I think I will never get satisfied. I will always need more.

4. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a great thing to use for your bullet journal. Whether you use it to write little to do lists or draw some doodles on.  They always look great. You don’t even need anything fancy, although fancy sticky notes are great too.

5. Magazines


Something I do to save some money is to go through old magazines and cut out illustrations as well as patterns. This way I don’t have to buy any expensive stickers.

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12 thoughts on “Journaling essentials

  1. I fell hard for Washi tape, and I use some stickers. I recently thought about using magazines. I thought everyone had jumped on the planner and bullet journal ships. I created a planner from a blank journal, but I don’t buy the actual calendars because they’re too limiting for me. Nothing will pry a good old-fashioned book journal from my hands, though!

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  2. I agree with you that you don’t need fancy things for your journal, in fact for mine I use some pens and watercolors that I bought at the supermarket and I’m still very happy and satisfied with the result!
    I made a few post on my creative journal and my bullet journal, if you want to check them out 😊
    Nice post!

    Samantha |

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  3. Nice post! I just found your blog a few days ago and have been enjoying looking through your posts. How long have you been blogging? By the way, I like the bag you made, plus the saying on the front.

    ~ Pip

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  4. I love the idea of carrying my journal(s) and all the equipment I use around in a separate bag! I also love the bag you have in that picture, as well as the quote – I would love a tutorial on how you made it / how to make one 😀

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