What I Did This School Year (Year 11)

What I Did This Schoo Year- Journal Page

Last year wrote a post called what I did this school year and listed all the things I could remember I did. Some of these were smaller and some of them bigger. Since I really like the Idea of looking back at the things I achieved or maybe want to do again, I decided to make a list for this school year too.

A lot of things happened this school year and a lot of things changed. It wasn’t always easy with all the things going on with my family and with me but I managed to work hard, to fight and to end this school year happy as I can probably be.

This school year I…

…wrote 32 Exams

…got my license

…made new friends

…went to Berlin

…went to the youth press conference in Paderborn

…became part of our districts youth council

…went to Brussels

…joined the school newspaper

…started a diary and a bullet journal

…reached 1000 followers on Instagram

…turned 18

…finished/completed 3 journals

…worked hard

What did you do this school year?  Did you do anything special or exciting?

Lots of Love

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