The Penpal Book

The penpal bookA couple of months ago I asked over on Instagram if anyone would like to be my penpal and since that day I have been sending mail to three lovely people in Norway, Spain, and the US. Writing, preparing little goodies like washi tape samples and sending letters is so much fun and I hope I will find more and more pen pals over time. To keep track of my penpals, their addresses and the letters I have sent I created this little book which I call the penpal book

The penpal book is a little zine I created. I have talked about how much I love zines before and if you don’t know what a zine is or how to make one yourself you can watch Jordan Clark’s video on how to make a zine here. For my penpal book, I used a DIN A3 sheet of paper because I wanted it to be a little bigger than my usual zines but other than that I did nothing special besides decorating the pages.

The first two pages are there to keep track of my pen pal’s addresses and their Instagram’s.


The third and fourth page of the penpal book are dedicated to a list of letters I have sent, got a reply and have already answered. Therefore I made a table with four columns. One for who I have sent the letter to, one for the date I have sent it, one to check if I have gotten a reply yet and the last one to make sure I have answered the reply yet.


Finally, the last two pages are dedicated to a list of ideas of things I could send in my next letters.


Now I am curious if you have any pen pals your own and what you send them?

Lots of Love

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23 thoughts on “The Penpal Book

  1. Yep, I’ve got one pen pal. We started talking about a year ago and have been emailing ever since about our day lives and just anything that comes up really. I’d love to have another pen pal though.. would you be interested? It looks like you’d go with letters which is great because that’s my preference too. Great post! :*

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