My Month Of Meditation

A Month Of Meditation

In December I did something crazy. I decided to meditate every day. The crazy thing about this is that I never believed in meditation. I always thought it would be a scam and just for “crazy” people but I recently read this book called 19 Days of Mindfulness. In the book, there is a chapter about the basics of Meditation and how it is great for creative people and it inspired me to try it on my own.

My first try was really relaxing so I decided to try developing a meditation habit during the month of December to survive the exhausting exam season. At the beginning, I sat down, set a timer for five minutes, and did not do anything but counting my breath. When I was done it felt a little bit like waking up in the morning totally relaxed.

After a week I got this app called Headspace. It has a lot of guided meditations for many different situations. You have to subscribe to unlock every class but you can take the first basic class for free and it helped me a lot to learn a bit more about meditation and how to actually do it. I really liked these guided meditations and I think I finished those free ten sessions for the third time now.

In the beginning, I wanted to meditate between studying every day but then developed a habit of meditating before going to bed. The strange thing is that by doing so I also started to tidy up my room every night. I suddenly feel the urge of a clean desk and cannot bear to go to bed without having everything organized. I give the credit to my new meditation habit.

Now that December is over I am going to continue meditating because it cleans my head and makes me way more relaxes. I think I really need that right now. Are any of you guys meditating as well? Do you have any tips?

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12 thoughts on “My Month Of Meditation

  1. I took the plunge and subscribed to Headspace just before Christmas because I decided I needed to give it a proper go to see if it would help me. It’s tricky deciding when the best time to do it is, and it’s kind of slow-going at the moment but I’m wondering whether another pack will suit me better.

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  2. Don’t know of you’ve tried it, but I tried an all called ‘breathe’ it has guided meditations, a breathing timer for anxiety .etc. You basically fill out a quiz on how you’re feeling then get suggested meditations to choose from! 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on starting such a great habit! I’ve always had an interest in meditation but never got around to it. Until a Day Designer challenge included meditating. I loved it! Ever since I’ve tried to do it daily. My favorite is sometime in the morning, either before or after breakfast. But anytime will do. I sometimes still use apps, Mindbliss is one of my favorites. But lately I’ve just found them on YouTube, I search for the time and “guided meditation.”
    As a tip, I would encourage to never pressure yourself into a certain time, duration, place, or kind. That way you can do it anywhere, whenever, and however feels right to you. 💜

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  4. I’ve always had trouble getting to sleep but just under a year ago it got worse and I started meditating before bed to help stop my thought process and it really improved my sleeping! I’ve got back out of the habit now but I think it is something I should definitely start again! Thanks for reminding me 🙂

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      1. I’ve heard that writing really helps but I worry that if I put all my thoughts into a diary someone might find it and that almost worries me more! Making up stories might work though! I used to do that a lot when I was younger 🙂

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