April Habit Tracker Review


You can’t believe how exciting and tough April was at the same time. I had three of my four big exams and I had to study a lot. The exams were super exciting and the weird thing was I got more and more nervous after each exam. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I worked really hard this last month and I definitely deserve a break.

Miracle Morning

20180430_141158106_iOSLast month I started to do the miracle morning by Hal Elrod. Every morning I get up a little bit earlier to meditate, journal, read and my plan was to exercise a little bit as well but I kind of stopped with the last point. My plan is to pick up the exercise habit again but I want to tell you all about my new morning routine in another post. Maybe I am even going to do a video about it.


As part of my miracle morning, I wrote a little bit every morning. I have a small notebook for morning pages from the flow magazine and I have been wanting to use it for a long time. My morning pages also inspired me to make my own traveler’s notebook and although it isn’t perfect I absolutely love it. I even made a video about decorating one of the inserts. I loved moving into my new traveler’s notebook since I never really got the hang of my old journal and by moving into my new journal I got back my motivation to write.

Because I studied a lot I kind of lost my inspiration to art journal. I barely made any pages in April but for the last couple of days, I finally had some time and inspiration to get back to art journaling.

My Bullet Journal suffered a bit as well but that is ok. I am trying to let loose and not focus on making everything look perfect rather than enjoying the process of creating.

Blogging and Instagram

As for my blog, I had to step back a little bit as well. I don’t care that my stats are not as high as they used to be and that my Instagram is stuck and just does not grow. It is frustrating sometimes but for me, blogging is not about followers and views. It is all about doing what I love and having fun. That is what counts most.

My Forest statistic

Overall I am relieved April is over. The day I publish this will be my last big written exam and as I said I can’t wait to be done. I will take a break from studying and then focus on my oral exams in June and July. In April my focus was on my exams and in May my focus will be on relaxing a little bit. I deserve a break. I have a lot of new Ideas for blog post. I want to tell you all about my miracle morning, meditation, why I do it and how it helps, I want to show you my old journal, although I did not finish it and of course I want to share all about my creative Ideas with you.

How was your month? Did you do anything exciting?


Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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