Preparing for #Inktober

Preparing for Inktober

It’s almost October already and this year I decided to join the fun and challenge myself to take part in Inktober. I know that Inktober originally was created as a drawing challenge but I am going to give it my own little twist.

My Inktober challenge

Preparing for InktoberSince I am loving poetry at the moment and I want to write more poems myself I challenged myself to write a poem each day in October. To include my love for journaling in this challenge I also decided I want to create a collage to go along with each poem. The goal is to write a poem on the left side of the page in my notebook and create a collage on the right side. I  want the poems to be my main focus which is why I want to keep the collages minimalistic. I guess you can say my Inktober challenge is a mixture of a writing and a minimalistic art journal challenge. I know it is going to be super hard to be creative each day and keep up with my challenge since I am starting University in October but I still want to give it a shot.

Setting up my Inktober notebook

Originally I wanted to handmake a notebook for Inktober but then I got three Rarbooks from my dad. I’ve had them before and just love them because first of all, they look super cute and second they are made of 90% recycled materials. The cover might not be Inktober themed but I created a second cover page that turned out much better than I pictured it.

I also added a table of content in which I want to record the titles of the poems I wrote each day.

Last I also printed and added the official Inktober 2018 prompts list. I am not going to stick to the prompts but I thought it would be a great source of inspiration in case I don’t know what to write about from time to time.

I am super excited to take part in Inktober this year. What about you? Are you doing any Inktober challenge?

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11 thoughts on “Preparing for #Inktober

  1. That is so cool! Good luck! I’ve already been following this one Artist’s Inktober journey. Her idea was to keep a continuous story while sticking to the prompt. It’s actually pretty cool. You can see for yourself, if you’d like. I think she’s @rowan_makes_art on Instagram and @RowanMakesArt on Twitter. Sorry If that’s wrong. Lol.

    Anyways, good luck!

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