I am a lot of things:

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I am what my past made me.

I am a dreamer. You will find me dreaming in the back of my mind
(I wrote this little haiku a couple weeks ago)

I am a dreamer.

m of traveling the world

I dream of travelling the world someday.

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Of course, I am insecure in a lot of situations…


…but I am pretty happy too.

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Most of all: I am creative.

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I am a lot of things. I am me

Lot of Love

Just A Blank Space

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No one understands

I love writing and I already mentioned this many times. It helps me to deal with my feelings and thoughts. When I feel bad I grab a pen and start. Sometimes I just write what comes in my head and sometimes I write a poem.

Writing is such a huge part of me and who I am but none of my friends understand it. Sometimes I feel so alone because I have no one to share my passion with. No one knows about this blog because they wouldn’t understand what it means to me and they would probably make fun of me for the things I write. Continue reading