The 2016/2017 Tag


Today is the day I am doing a tag again. Seriously I haven’t done one in ages. The tag I will be doing is the 2016/2017 tag which was created by #theguhwhosaidalwaysno (his name reminds me of one of my friends. His favourite word is no and he even writes it all over my paper quite a lot). I was nominated by the lovely Annie.

Now lets start:

The rules:

-Mention the creator of the TAG

-Use the image that you find in this article

-Answer the questions given

-Mention the blogger who nominated you

-Mention 9 bloggers/friends and let them know through a comment on their blog

The Questions:

Describe your 2016 in three words

creative, memorable and exhausting

Write the names of two people that have characterised your 2016

I can’t really think of any names, to be honest.

Write the most beautiful place you’ve visited in 2016 and why you liked it so much

The Alps. I went hiking in the Alps with school for a week and it was so much fun. The landscapes and the sunsets up on the hill were beautiful. I’ve made some really good memories with my friends and I am proud for doing it, which made the Alps even more of a beautiful place.

Write the most delicious food you’ve tasted in 2016

That is a hard question because I LOVE FOOD. I basically eat all day but one is for sure. I did not taste the most delicious food during my vacation in Wales. I am sorry but I didn’t like the food we got there at all.

Write the event which has marked you more of this in 2016 (even global event)

I had to do an internship for school in February and I did it at a magazine. During that internship, I noticed how much I love writing and how much I miss blogging like I did during my exchange year so I went home and created this blog.

Write the finest purchase you made in this 2016, and if you want to link a photo.

I don’t think I purchased anything special in 2016. At least I can’t think of anything right now.

Write three good intentions for this 2017.

I want to apply for this program to go to Africa in 2018 and do voluntary work there. This is not really an intention but I want all of my friends to graduate with the grades they want and last I want to keep blogging and grow my blog.

Write one place you want to visit in 2017

There are so many places I want to visit but I know I won’t get to go to any of them in 2017. The place I want to go to the most is Utah because I want to go back and visit my host family

Write one plate/food you want to eat in 2017

I really want to try Thüringer Klöse.

I guess this is it for the questions here are my nominations:

  1. Elm
  2. L
  3. Sav
  4. Hideawaygirl
  5. Iridescence
  6. Kate

Those are only six but if you turn the six around you’ll get nine and I can’t think of any more people right now. If you want to do the tag and you are not one of those six feel free to be one of my three left nominations.

Lots of Love

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My Favorite Blogging Tools

I am really excited for today’s post because I finally get to participate in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, which was created by the amazing Caitlin from A Little Daydreamer. Today’s (Day4) challenge is:

The topic for today is “recommendations”. Now for this, you can recommend 
anything from beauty products that you love, books you’ve enjoyed, 
music artists/songs that you’ve recently discovered, a place you’ve visited…  
You could even recommend another blog that you enjoy reading. 

As ever, the options are unlimited.:)

Now here is what I chose to recommend you:

My Favorite Blogging Tools.jpg


Canva is a website which lets you design our own designs. There are tutorials on how to do it and most of it is free. There are a lot of different fonts, pictures, cute illustrations, and you can upload your own images. I use Canva for all my featured images and it is so much fun to use it. I am obsessed with it


PicMonkey is a website to edit your pictures. The best part about it is, that it is free and easy to use.


The last tool I use for blogging is called Grammarly. It is free for most browsers and corrects spelling and grammar mistakes. I am still learning English and I want to have the least amount of language mistakes in my posts. Grammarly helps me with that. It corrects my posts, tweets and much more.

Are there any websites you use for blogging that you can recommend me? I would love to try them.

Lots of Love

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The Nostalgia Tag

So I got nominated for this tag by Lucia. A big Thank you to her. Go check out her blog.


  1. Make sure to thank the person that tagged you and leave a link to their blog.
  2. Answer all of the questions, if you don’t have an answer just leave it.
  3. Remember to copy and paste the lame picture and rules;)
  4. Have a good time!
  5. Tag as many people as you want, there is no limit!

Let’s begin… Continue reading