ski-jumpingThis weekend my brother and I went to visit a friend of ours. He invited us to come visit him and watch the Continental Cup of ski jumping, which took place where he lives.

I have been there before and we have climbed up the redoubt (I think that is what you call it in English) before. It was scary as hell because the whole thing was moving with the wind. The thought of jumping off it is insane but it still sounds like a lot of fun. I wonder how it feels like to fly.

Anyways, I have never been skiing and probably will never actually do it but I hope I get to try it myself one day. In the meantime I wait and look at the journal page I made for this weekend and all the pictures I took.

Ski Jumping Ski-jumping Ski-jumpingSuch a pretty view  Ski-jumping20170211_132035826_ios20170211_134740349_ios20170212_124911991_ios

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Summer Holiday In Wales

Summer Holiday In Wales.jpgI am finally back from Wales and you can’t imagine how much I missed blogging. Two weeks without it have been too long but I am back now. Yay.

I did a lot of things in the two weeks I was in Wales:

  • I climbed and jumped off cliffs
  • I went gorge walking
  • I went to Cardiff
  • I went to the town with the third longest name in the world
  • I hiked up Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales
  • I tried archery
  • I played laser tag
  • I danced a German traditional dance at a cultural festival
  • I dresses someone up as a leek
  • I saw A LOT of sheep
  • I participated in a dice theatre and a mini playback show
  • I slept on a boat
  • I danced
  • I had a lot of fun

Now that was it for the first two weeks of summer. Only four more until I have to go back to school.

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Crossing The Alps

Crossing The AlpsWait I crossed the Alps???? It sound wrong and I am pretty sure it takes way longer than a week to really cross them, but hey my school calls it that way and I like it. So I guess I did cross the Alps and it was so much fun. I don’t even know where to start because there is so much I want to tell you guys about.

Sure it was hard. We hiked a lot and had to carry everything we needed with us. I don’t know the exact weight of my backpack but it was at least eleven kg heavy. Especially going up the mountain was hard. The first three days it was really hot and it didn’t rain until the third day.

We were all sweating a lot but couldn’t really shower. We slept in mountain shelters and there were only two showers. Considering we were ninety people that is not that much and the water was strictly limited. I didn’t get to take a shower until the fifth day.

Most of the time we slept in big mattress camps and shared mattresses. It was really squished. One night I even slept on the wooden floor because I panicked a little. In general I didn’t sleep that much.

But it was totally worth it. The landscape was beautiful. One evening I just sat there and watched the sunset for an hour. It was so nice. During the evenings we played cards, which was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun in general.

One day we hiked up to an almost completely frozen lake, which was really pretty. On our way we came across some snow fields, which we climbed up and sled down. It was so much fun. I had so much fun all day that I completely lost the track of time. I enjoyed every second of it.

On our way we crossed three countries. Germany, Austria and Italy. We saw a lot of cows, came across a huge dam and I got to know people in completely different and new ways.

I am so proud of myself for really doing it. I didn’t get any back pain, blisters or sun burn. I didn’t let the boys carry my backpack like other girls and I didn’t get hurt expect that one time.

It was the first day and we were hiking for probably fifteen minutes, when my shoelace go caught on my other shoe and I fell. I hit my chin on the ground. It hurt a lot and was bleeding pretty bad. I felt like I am gonna puke but I got up and kept waking. Everyone made fun of me because I fell after such a short time and the bandage looked like I have a beard but I have to admit it must have been really funny.

I think the best part of the whole trip was how relaxed everyone was. No one cared about the way you look. It kind of seemed like we were all a big family having a lot of fun

Her are some pictures. I am sorry I don’t have that much but i didn’t get most of the pictures I took with my friends camera yet and I didn’t want to leave you without anything before leaving for camp today

IMG_3866IMG_3844IMG_3763IMG_3732IMG_3585DSC03672DSC_057320160723_143113844_iOS20160723_143002277_iOS20160723_140716635_iOS20160718_082211883_iOS20160718_11550420160719_153747932_iOS20160720_192521296_iOSIMG_3775IMG_3743IMG_3698DSC01220 (1)

IMG_3781.JPGLots of Love

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Packing For A New Adventure


This Sunday I am finally leaving for a new adventure. It is the last week of school and after a new tradition my school started three years ago all tenth graders will leave and cross the Alps. We will leave on Sunday and we will come back Monday the following week. I am so excited although it is going to be hard to hike all day.


Today I started with assembling all the things I want to take with be but because I have to carry everything myself it is not that much. It also has to fit in my backpack and looking at the pile of clothes and other things it doesn’t seem that big anymore.  I AM SO EXCITED.


I will obviously not be able to blog during our hike but if anyone wants to collaborate with me and guest post on my blog while I am gone it would be awesome. I don’t want to leave you guys without anything for a week. Also I will go to Wales for two weeks two days after I came home from the Alps and I am not sure if I will be able to blog there so keep the guest posts coming.

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Talking About My Time Abroad

Talking About My Time AbroadOn my last post  the wonderful Zoey asked me some questions about my time in the US last school year and I figured I share my answers with all of you. Also I am home for over a year now. I left Utah June 4th and came home June 5th.

What are the difference you found between Germany and the US?

Where do I start? The first thing is that in the US people are a lot nicer than in Germany and they come up to you. In Germany everyone is kind of for themselves and you don’t really talk to strangers.

Second in Germany I am way more independent. In the US there was no bus or train I could take. My host dad had to drive me whenever I wanted to go somewhere because everything was far away. Also in the US I got treated like a kid again while in Germany people were treating me more like an adult. For example in high school the teachers are constantly communicating with your parents. In Germany teachers never really talk to the parents. They expect you to do all your work on your own.

School is a lot easier in the US and you can choose your classes. There are so many fun classes I wish I could take in Germany such as creative writing. You have to work less than you have to work in Germany. In the US you play your instruments or sports in school while in Germany you do it outside of school. We also have no school spirit in Germany. We don’t even have a word for it in German.

There are a lot of cultural differences too, like the pledge of allegiance or singing the national anthem before every school game. In Germany we don’t have a pledge and the only time we sing our anthem is before an international soccer game. Oh and the food is different.

Almost everything is bigger in the US. Except the movie theaters. They were actually pretty small.

What did you like in the US?

I really liked that school wasn’t as stressful and the school spirit. I liked that I got to travel a lot and that I got to stay with such an awesome family. I am thankful that I got to spend my  time with them in such a beautiful State.

What did you not like about the US?

I was a little bit disappointed I got to go to a small high school. My school in Germany is pretty small and I was hoping to get the experience of going to a big school. I also didn’t like that sports are divided in seasons because I wanted to swim all year.

What were things you did not expect to miss about Germany?

I didn’t expect to miss the German food culture that much. I missed everything from when I used to eat and what. I also didn’t expect to miss public transport that much and my own bed.

Did people treat you different because you were German?

The only thing I can think of is that my teachers graded me a little different in the beginning of the school year when I had some troubles with understanding everything.

Any stereotypes or racist comments that offended you?

One time in class we got divided into different groups and had to discuss a topic. Each group had a leader which had to lead the discussion. In the end of class my teacher compared each group leader with a famous leader. She compared my group leader with Hitler. It was kind of a shock for me.

That’s about all for today

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