DIY Enamel Pins

Thank you very much for watching this little DIY video. I find that doing this DIY is really easy and fun. That is why I had to share it with you guys. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.
Lots of Love
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Re-Doing My Chalkboard Wall

Thank you for watching this video. The chalk marker was sent to me by La Pajarita for free to share it with you. Although they sent it to me everything I say in this video is my honest opinion.

It was very weird to talk straight to the camera, knowing that you will see my face in the video.

Lots of Love
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Creative World-Frankfurt

Last weekend I got the chance to go to the creative world and paper world in Frankfurt. I cannot tell you how excited I was. I could not wait to get there and in the end, I was not disappointed for sure. I even got to take home a couple of things which I would like to show you today.

The first thing I got was this little notebook with lined paper. It is by a brand called flex book and just like the name says it is really flexible. You can easily bend the spine all the way, which I think can come in really handy. It is an A6 size and holds lined paper. I thought it was super cute so I decided to use it as a notebook to take along with me in case I need something to write or have a sudden inspiration.

Following are these five pens. On the left picture, you can see an Ecoline brush pen, which they were kind enough to let me take and a Nuvo Glitter Marker. I have seen the Ecoline brush pen before and I always wanted to try them out but the Nuvo Glitter Marker was new to me.

The pens on the picture in the middle are actually quite fun. They are by a brand called Monami and I got to assemble them myself. The left one is a fineliner, the one in the middle a marker and the one on the right a ballpoint pen. I absolutely love the colors and my handwriting looks great when I write with the fineliner. I actually wish I would have more of those.

Next, I got these stickers by a brand called bande.  They looked like washi tape at first but actually are stickers rolled up like tape. One of them holds these beautiful cherry blossoms and the other one cherry blossom paddles. They are several different designs of each on a roll. I think these are quite fun to use and I cannot wait to experiment with these.


I also came across Carpe Diem‘s booth and got this cute bag there. They had a tone of great journaling and scrapbooking supplies I fell in love with. Especially one of their new traveler’s notebook, which is white with black dots all over it. I chatted with them and found out that they are from a place which is really close to where I stayed during my exchange year. It was really lovely to talk to them and I cannot wait to get myself some things from their new collection.


Of course, I could not leave without getting some new washi tape. I got this fun candy design at the masking tape booth. Their booth was truely awesome. I just love washi tape.


When I heard that Rico Design was going to be there I got even more excited so of course, I had to take a look at their booth. I am a huge fan of paper poetry and when I told them that they gave me this awesome unicorn bag and this little notebook. I cannot wait for their new collection.


Last but not least I want to show you what I made at the Marabu booth. There I got to paint this cute house and I have to tell you their new colors are so pretty and fun to paint with. The paints are so covering that you do not even need a second layer of color and they dry very quickly. Something I am very excited about are their new crackle paints which create this awesome cracking effect.

These are all the things I got at the creative- and the paper world fair in Frankfurt last weekend. I had such an amazing time there and hope I get to go back next year. I got to see a lot of great brands and found new inspirations all over the place.

Lots of Love

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Easy DIY Notebooks

Easy DIY Notebooks

I am obsessed with cute notebooks but they tend to be a little expensive sometimes. Well, I came across some videos on YouTube on how to make your own notebooks but for a lot of the tutorials, you would need to buy some fancy materials. Since I am not patient enough to order something and wait for it to arrive at my home I came up with a quick and easy way to make my own notebooks.

What You Need

Easy DIY Notebooks

To make a little notebook yourself you don’t need any fancy supplies. All you need is:

  • some normal copy paper (I used white and orange paper for this notebook)
  • cardstock for your cover
  • liquid glue
  • scissors (or a cutter)
  • some paper clips or heavy books to press your paper together
  • If you want to make it a little bit fancier you can also use some patterned paper as well

How To Make Your Own Notebook



Take your copy paper, fold it in half and stack it on top of each other. For this notebook, I used 23 sheets of paper,  which adds up to 92 pages.


Step 2:

Take another piece of paper and cut it in half. This will be glued to the inside of your cover and secure your pages.


Step 3:

Add the first half on the front and the second half on the back of your already folded papers. If you used patterned paper make sure the pattern is facing the inside.


Step 4: 

Now it is time to glue your pages together. Apply your glue on the back of your folded papers


Step 5:

While letting your glue dry use your paper clips to press the pages together. If you don’t have any paper clips you can also use a heavy book for this. Once everything is dry remove the paper clips.


Step 6:

The next step is to cut your cover in size. The easiest way for this is to use an unfolded sheet of paper. Place it on your cardboard and add a little bit of space on the top and bottom. Since your cover needs to hold your pages you will have to add some on the left and right of your piece of paper. If you are not sure how big your cover needs to be it is always good to make it bigger rather than smaller because you can easily cut off the left over cardstock in the end.




Step 7:

Once you have cut out your cover you need to prepare where to fold it. The easiest way is to measure it with your bundle of pages and draw a line where you will have to fold it. Go over the line with the unsharp side of your scissor or your knife


Step 8: 

Fold the cover.


Step 9:

Glue in the front and back side of your paper bundle. I used double-sided-tape for this because I was not patient enough to wait for my glue to dry.



Step 10:

Enjoy your new notebook.

I hope all of my instructions are understandable. If not feel free to ask me in the comments.

Thank you for reading and Lots of Love

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The Penpal Book

The penpal bookA couple of months ago I asked over on Instagram if anyone would like to be my penpal and since that day I have been sending mail to three lovely people in Norway, Spain, and the US. Writing, preparing little goodies like washi tape samples and sending letters is so much fun and I hope I will find more and more pen pals over time. To keep track of my penpals, their addresses and the letters I have sent I created this little book which I call the penpal book

The penpal book is a little zine I created. I have talked about how much I love zines before and if you don’t know what a zine is or how to make one yourself you can watch Jordan Clark’s video on how to make a zine here. For my penpal book, I used a DIN A3 sheet of paper because I wanted it to be a little bigger than my usual zines but other than that I did nothing special besides decorating the pages.

The first two pages are there to keep track of my pen pal’s addresses and their Instagram’s.


The third and fourth page of the penpal book are dedicated to a list of letters I have sent, got a reply and have already answered. Therefore I made a table with four columns. One for who I have sent the letter to, one for the date I have sent it, one to check if I have gotten a reply yet and the last one to make sure I have answered the reply yet.


Finally, the last two pages are dedicated to a list of ideas of things I could send in my next letters.


Now I am curious if you have any pen pals your own and what you send them?

Lots of Love

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