The Story Behind An Art Journal Page 2

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about the story behind a journal page in my art journal. I loved writing that blog post so I decided to tell you a little bit more about another page in my art journal. Just like last time I decided to tell you the story about a page I really like. Maybe I’ll choose a page that went wrong next time. What do you think?


The Story behind an art journal page 2

The Beginning

The Story Behind an Art Journal PageBefore I started to make this page I had already made another page that I did not like that much. I sat at my desk, frustrated, without any new ideas. I really wanted to create another page. Next to my desk, I have a bunch of pictures and cards pinned to my wall as you can see on the picture on the left. I glanced over and the picture I used on my page caught my eye. It was one of the first pictures I put up and it has been there for a while now. I have always loved that picture but I never used it so I decided to finally have to courage to create a spread using that picture and to be honest it was totally worth it.

The Prozess Of Creating

Since I wanted this journaling session to be relaxing I tried not to pressure myself. I just started drawing lines all over the left page. I had done this before and found it really relaxing as well as very pretty and I was not disappointed. The best thing about drawing lines like this is that I actually wanted it to look messy and took away all the pressure with that.

For the right side of the page, I wanted to do something with shapes. I love the watercolor circles @agirlwithajournal paints in her journal and to make the page my own I decided to go with triangles. I mixed some green colors with my watercolor and then just dived into it. I did not think a lot, I just added the color whatever I felt like at the moment.

After everything had dried my last step was to go on Pinterest to look up a quote that would fit the page. Once I decided which one I wanted to go with, I typed it on my typewriter and glued it on top

meet me at midnight in the forest of my dreams, we’ll make a fire and count the stars that shimmer above the trees

-Christy Ann Martine

The Story Behind The Page

If I would write a story inspired by this page in my art journal it would be al about adventures in the forest. Probably a magical forest.

What makes this page special to me is the feeling I had while working on it. I love this feeling of creating without having any pressure. Looking at this page I feel very proud because I managed to break through my creative blog and created something I truly love. I love the picture, the colors and how the triangles and lines work together. It might sound arrogant but I believe it is important to admit to yourself that what you do is good and to be proud of your work. Do you have any journal pages, drawings… that you are very proud of?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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Using A Transfer Marker In My Art Journal/ + T-Shirt DIY

Thank you for watching this video. The transfer marker, the chalk marker, and the gold metallic paint were sent to me by La Pajarita for free to share them with you. Although they sent them to me everything I say in this video is my honest opinion.
Lots of Love
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February Habit Tracker

February Habit TrackerWell, that was it for February 2018. Do you ever look back and think “Wow it will never be February 2018 again”? Not that I would like to relive the same months over and over but for some reason, it feels strange that you can never have an exact moment again. It might be similar but it will never be the same. But I don’t want to ramble, I want to tell you a little bit more about the last month in my life. Let’s dive in, shall we?



Since I changed my bullet journal system I spent way less time working on my weekly spreads which, to be honest, is great. With my new system, most of the space is filled with to-do lists and other notes. I don’t need to spend hours decorating a page because I use more space for planning and in the end, I believe the result looks a lot better than it did before.

This way I also have much more time to art journal. I am loving my new art journal. The smaller size is great and I am trying out so many new things. I am having so much fun at the moment. As every month I had this inspiration hole where I just could not find any inspiration or motivation to be creative but the feeling of overcoming such a period is always amazing and leaves me even more inspired in the end.

I also managed to write in my diary frequently. With my diary, I am not as happy as I am with my art journal because I am going through a phase at the moment where I have no Ideas what I write about. Nothing special is really happening at the moment and I am bored of complaining about the same things over and over.


In terms of my blog, I only have good things to talk about this month. In February I managed to post two blog posts a week and I also managed to keep up a consistent schedule which I never did before. I am now posting on Wednesdays and Sundays each week. But the most amazing thing is that I managed to post on Instagram every single day over the last month. I have been setting this as a goal for the last couple of months and I finally did it. Exciting things are going to happen on my blog in March as well and I can’t wait to show you all the things I am working on.


I studied a lot in February but I knew this was going to happen. Since my big exams are coming up in April I decided to study a little bit each day so in the end, it won’t be as stressful because I have already practiced everything before. I’ll just have to review everything and to be honest I am having a lot of fun studying and writing summaries for each class because I can make them as pretty as I want. I am such a nerd.

My life in general

My Forest statistic in February

February has been a little bit stressful. I am working on a project at the moment with our local youth council and that is a lot of work. I did get to go on a trip last month which was a lot of fun and my paperkumaco stickers finally arrived in the mail which I was ridiculously excited about. I did not get many letters from my penpals last month so I am thinking about getting some more because I have been asked to become penpals by a couple of people recently but I am afraid I won’t have a lot of time to reply since I am not sure how stressful the next couple of months will turn out to be.



That’s basically it for February 2018. Did you get to do anything exciting last month?

Lots of Love

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The Story Behind A Journal Page

Behind every journal page, there is a story. It could be a story you want to tell with that particular page or the story behind how this page came together. I believe that every page represents a part of me and who I am at the moment. Today I want to show you the story behind one particular page I made in my art journal just before I wrote this blog post.

The story behind a journal page

The Beginning

When I came home today I felt like creating a page in my art journal but I was completely uninspired. That frustrated me and made the feeling even worse so I sat down and just skipped through my flow magazine. I ripped out all the pages with pretty pictures I could use now or some other time when I came across the picture by Vicki Rawling. When I first saw this picture a while ago I immediately fell in love with it and knew I had to use it one day. When I saw it again today I had to use it and finally felt inspired.

The Prozess Of Creating

Just before I sat down to journal, I remembered I wanted to try out a Podcast called How She Creates which was recommended by @aspiretoamble on Instagram a few days ago. At the moment I really wish I could meet up with someone and create something together because for some reason I feel really lonely sitting on my desk all by myself at the moment. I thought maybe listening to other peoples voices talking about creating may help. I listened to the first episode of the podcast and fell in love with it right away. The whole process of creating this art journal page was really relaxing and I am so happy I have found this podcast.

The Story Behind The Page

At the moment I am really busy with school and I have this strange desire to go on an adventure somewhere else. I want to do something that inspired me and that I have never done before. For example stay in a lonely cabin in the woods or the mountain for a couple of days where I can relax and create without having to worry about anything else. The picture I used in this journal entry reminds me of that desire and I tried to catch the feeling through creating something. Looking at the finished page now I feel a lot calmer and happy than when I started creating this afternoon. So many stories are hidden inside this picture by Vick Rawling and I think that is what I love most about it.

I loved creating this page and I am so happy I discovered the How She Creates podcast. Just by creating I had many new ideas like writing this blog post. Maybe I will do posts like this more often where I tell you the story behind a journal page I made. What do you think?

Lots of Love

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Music Inspired Journaling

Recently I have been inspired to journal by quite a few songs. Besides including little playlists in my diary I also created a couple of art journal pages based on songs I am currently listening to. Today I want to share some of these journal pages with you and I hope I may inspire you to journal about your favorite songs as well.

1. Mini playlists

Music inspired journaling

I love adding these mini playlists to my diary because with a special song you always associate memories or how you felt during the time you listened to it. In songs, you can conserve certain feelings. If you skip through your journal in a couple of years you can listen to the songs you included in your mini playlists again and travel back to the old times for a while.

2. Portraying the feeling of a song

Music inspired journaling (inspired by city song by Grace Vanderwaal)

This page was inspired by city song by Grace Vanderwaal. It reminds me of the feeling I have when I go on one of my creative strolls to the city. I always feel so happy, free and like I could dance on the street when I am walking through the busy streets. The picture on the right is from the music video to the song which I loved so much that I decided to draw a picture of it for this page. On the left, I also included some lyrics from the song, which I always love to do.

3. Drawing pictures that pops up in  your head while listening to a song

Music inspired journaling (inspired by sick boy by the chainsmokers)

The last page I want to show you today was inspired by the song sick boy by The Chainsmokers. I was listening to the song when this picture suddenly popped up in my head and I just had to try to get it on paper. I also added a line of the song on top.

Are you ever inspired by a song you listen to?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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