Journal With Me – Diary 2

This weeks video is a short journal with me. Sorry it isn’t longer but I didn’t have much time this week to really sit down and work on a longer video. I hope you guys like it anyways.
Lots of Love
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Junk Journal Flip Through

In summer last year I got inspired by meg journals to start my own junk journal and finally finished it. In this junk journal I collected a lot of words which sound magical to me and tried to create a collage around each word. This journal basically is a physical Pinterest board. I hope you like it as much as I do.
Lots of Love
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Bullet Journal Set Up for my 2nd Semester of University

This week I finally started my 2nd Semester at university and that means it is time to pick up my bullet journal again. Over the last two months I barely picked it up and didn’t make any weekly spreads. I didn’t have much to do but now that I am back at Uni there is a lot of planning that needs to be done.

Planning my weekly Routine

Bullet Journal for Students

With the new semester comes a new schedule and I also decided to sign up for Yoga and a Spanish class which means my weekly routine is completely messed up. This is why I started with getting an overview of when I am supposed to be where.

Planning extra class dates and exams

Besides my weekly classes I also have three extra sittings that I need to be at. I included those and my exam dates on the right side of my schedule but also added all those dates to my future log. This way I will definietly remember those important dates.

Adjusting my weekly spreads

  • Bullet Journal for students
  • Bullet Journal for Students

With classes back on I also have a lot of uni related to-dos I need to get done during the week like class related reading and reviewing my notes. This means in addition to my daily and weekly to-do lists I also include a uni to-do list in my weekls spreads again. For the first week it already turned out to be very long and I ran out of space on my spread.

Planning my blog posts

Bullet Journal

Since I have been working on my self hosted website, which I am hoping to get done before May, I decided it is time to plan my blog posts again. Last semester I didn’t really plan them and it ended up to be very stressfull. I want to keep up weekly posting so I set up a Blog tracker.

On the left I want to plan when I plan to post which blog post so I can plan ahead and include related to-dos in my weekly spreads. On the right side I am going to keep track of my ideas because I always forget them if I don’t write them down. Is there anything you would like me to include on that list?

Looking at those spreads I am actually very happy with how they look and hope they keep me motivated to stay on track with everything this semester. What does hel you with staying on track with your school work?

Lots of Love

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My Personal Journal Challenge

Why am I writing this right now? Honestly, I don’t know but I have this feeling like I need to share this. Maybe just for myself or maybe because some of you might feel like this sometimes as well.

Why did I start journaling? I started journaling because I needed someone to talk to. Because my mind was on fire and I needed a way to tame the flames. I have always dealt with my thoughts and emotions through writing. I can’t go without it. Like right now. My thoughts are running wild and I don’t even know what I am really thinking about. Sometimes it is hard to know which thoughts are real and which thoughts are my mind over thinking.

Where am I going with this? I still don’t really know myself. All I know is that over time I kind of lost track of why I started journaling. I feel like it has more become about making things look pretty and sharing them rather than writing to keep sane. The last couple of months since I started University have been amazing. I have never been this happy and maybe that is the problem. I know that it will backfire one day. It always does. There is always another hole waiting for you to fall in. That is why I want to enjoy the here and now even more. During the day that is easy but when the sun sets the fire starts and over the last days it has been growing. Since my exams are over I have too much time to think on my hand. It’s like Tyler Joseph sings in Car Radio “Sometimes quiet is violent”.

I got so used to being unhappy that now that everything has fallen into place I feel homesick

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I know this probably doesn’t make sense and above it all, I keep coming back to this one question. Who am I? Because sometimes it feels like there is more than just one version of me. I am probably just overreacting. Besides, I know my fire is nothing against the fire other people have to deal with so why am I here complaining?

What is the point of this? I guess the point of this is that I need to focus on writing more about my deepest thoughts because otherwise, the fire will start an explosion.

I am challenging myself to write down as many of my thoughts as I can.

This means I will always have a notebook or my phone notes at hand to write something down when it pops up in my head. The twenty one pilots concert has shown me once more how much I want to learn how to channel my deepest thoughts and understand them. I want to learn to use them and turn them into something whether it is art or writing.

It is time to use my journals to dig deep into what I think or feel and where this comes from because I feel lost and want to know who I truly am

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Last but not least one question remains. Why am I sharing this? Honestly, I don’t know. One part of me doesn’t want anyone to read this especially not certain people I know who might read this. But there is a second part of me that feels the urge to throw this out into the world because it is hoping there is someone out there who gets it.

If you read this you know which part won.

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Journal Q&A 2

Journal Q&A

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions on Instagram so I thought I would do another Q&A to answer some of them. Besides, I love to use the question thingy on Instagram. If you have any other questions feel free to ask me any time and I’ll give my best to answer them.

Who is your favorite artist on Instagram and why?

To be honest I can’t choose just one. There are a lot of amazing people out there. One of my favorites are @agirlwithajournal because I just love her journaling style and her watercolor backgrounds, @mereljournals because I am obsessed with her collages and her yellow feed, @megjournals because she makes the prettiest collages and always has these amazing vintage flowers and @cayleegrey because she has an amazing minimalistic style and always uses amazing color.

How many hours a week do you spend journaling?

I honestly can’t tell because it depends on how much time and ideas I have. Sometimes I don’t journal at all and sometimes I journal all day long. Recently I haven’t been journaling a lot. I just finished my exams at uni and couldn’t journal that much and now I am struggling to pick it up again.

When did you start journaling?

I started journaling in 2014 when I was an exchange student in the US for a year without knowing journaling even was a thing. I wrote a blog post about this a while ago. If you would like to read the whole story you can find it here.

How old were you when you started journaling?

I was fifteen years old

How is your handwriting this perfect and was it always like this?

First of all, thank you and no it wasn’t always like this. I am left handed and since many lefties have horrible handwriting my mom always was pushing me to try to write in a more or less pretty way and it annoyed me a lot. Around seventh or eighth grade I then had some friends who had very pretty handwriting and I was very jealous and tried to copy it all the time. But it wasn’t until I started journaling my handwriting started to look like this. I didn’t even force it. I just wanted to write pretty and suddenly people started to be impressed by my handwriting.

Has your journaling style changed since you started?

Yes, it has but it still changes all the time. When I started my journaling was more about writing and I would add some stickers or just write out some words with a different pen. I had a phase when I loved to include a lot of pictures and right now I am into watercolor backgrounds. For a while, I also made a lot of collages. It depends on my mood.

Thank you very much for reading. Feel free to ask me anything you would like to know in the comments because I love to chat with you guys and get to know you better.

Lots of Love

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