Finishing Off My Journal

There are only three pages left in my first traveler’s notebook insert. I can’t believe it filled up this fast. I have been in this insert for about for months now in which Inserts became my new favorite thing to write in and I can’t wait to decorate my new one. I am already looking for ideas. Besides being excited about moving into a new insert I wanted to try something new and added some more bits and pieces to the insert I am about to finish which I want to show you today.

Finishing Off My JournalWhen I started this insert I didn’t know what to put on the first page. At first, I wanted to add a quote but I couldn’t find one that fit and I never found a better idea. I never liked that my first page was empty and that the ink I wrote with on the other page bled through. Now that I am at the end of this insert I finally had an idea on what to do with this page. I decided to include a table of content. Although my old journal had a table of content which I never really used I wanted to include something in this journal that would make it easier to find certain events or times I went through. I am currently in the process of graduating and I thought I might want to skip through that time in my life someday.

Table of content


First I skipped through my whole journal and numbered every single page. Of course, I didn’t notice I missed four pages until I was done and had to cross some of the numbers I had already written but I decided not to worry about that. I worry too much about making everything perfect.

Next, I created a background using some cardstock and glued some ripped graph paper on top. Then I went through my insert again and added all the event I thought I might look for in a couple of years to my table of content.

Finishing off my journal insertI also wanted to add some tabs which turned out to be harder than I thought because I didn’t leave any space at the end of the page. Instead, I  pretty much wrote up to the edge of the paper. I got the idea from @agirlwithajournal and @megjournals because they are both obsessed with them and decided to give it a try. I went through my journal once more and added some very small tabs wherever I found some space. In the end, I ended up really liking them and decided to leave some space to add tabs in my next insert.

Is there anything you do once you are heading towards finishing your journal?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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How I turned my friends and myself into cartoon drawings

A couple of days ago I turned my friends and me into little cartoon drawings and I am really proud of how they turned out. It started in history class. I was bored and started doodling myself in my art journal.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter I got home I took that little drawing and played around with it on my Computer. That was fun and when I showed it to my friends we got the idea to do the same thing with us three. Kind of like a gang picture. The next day I sat down and started with my little project. Today I want to show you the different steps I did to create these characters.


1. Think of characteristic features

Since you want people to recognize who you draw you need to think about what is special about your friend appearance. For myself, I chose a beanie because I always run around wearing one. Even in summer. You can also think of unique hairstyles or favorite items of clothing your friends wear all the time. Does your friend wear glasses? Think about the shape and color of them…


2. Start sketching

20180617_084100000_iOS_edited.jpgStart sketching your ideas. You can look up reference pictures to get ideas or to find a style you want to go with. Experiment with different. I started off with a business card I found with a little cartoon character on it that I liked and then changed the style to my likings.  I find it easier to sketch on paper than on my computer but that is just how I work. After I was satisfied with my sketch I took a picture of it and imported it on my computer.


3. Edit your sketch

I imported the picture on krita which is a free digital art programme similar to photoshop and started to play around with my sketch. First I worked on my lines, made them thinner and changed everything to my likings. Then I went on and played around with different colors. I think it took me over two hours to edit my sketch and finalize things but in the end, I was more than proud of how it turned out.


4. Enjoy your drawing

After I was done I played around with the whole drawing. I made a second version with just me and my boyfriend and I printed it to put the picture in my journal. I had so much fun doing this that I might do the same with my family or some more people. From the response, I got from my friends I know they love it too which makes it even better.


Lots of Love

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A Place To Journal

For the last month, I have been experiencing a major creative blog. Although I finally had time to journal ones my exams were all over I couldn’t find any inspiration. Most of my time, I spent sitting at my desk staring at the blank page in front of me. I know this is part of the creative cycle we all go through but it still is pretty frustrating.

I was pretty close to not posting today because I couldn’t think of anything I could do. Luckily I finally found inspiration in my frustration and this feeling of longing for a quiet and inspirational place to journal.  I  went outside, sat on the ground of our small garden and started to record this video.

With this video, I not only wanted to break through my creative blog but also show you that these phases are totally normal.

I hope you enjoy this video and maybe even draw some inspiration from it yourself

Lots of Love
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A Place To Journal / Journal With Me

A Place To Journal / Journal With Me

May Habit Tracker Review

May habit tracker reviewHello and welcome back to my monthly habit tracker review where I talk all about my last month. How has your May been? To be honest, mine wasn’t as great as I hoped it would be but I am trying not to ruin June by that thought. I think the problem is that I had too high expectations for May. I thought since my exams are over I get to do a lot of fun stuff and be creative all day and when that didn’t happen I fell into a hole of frustration, which only made it worse.


As for my journaling, I had a more or less rough time in May. I made barely any art journal spreads and I don’t even like most of them. I just can’t find any ideas to journal right now. I did keep up with my morning pages but there are a couple of pages where I didn’t write a lot. The only journal I really kept up with is my bullet journal.

I know it is normal to have these phases where you just can’t find any inspiration but it is frustrating.

Blog and Instagram

In May I missed one day of posting on Instagram. After posting every day for 126 days I broke my streak. I felt like during the last couple of weeks posting became something that I had to do and nothing that I wanted to do so I took a break. I don’t want to put pictures out there just to post but because I like these pictures and I want to share them with you. I had to remind myself of that.

As for my blog, I feel like I did quite good. I followed through with my posting schedule and I made some videos I really like, for example, my new Happy Mail video or my Miracle Morning video.

Miracle Morning

I am still doing my Miracle Morning with my meditation and my morning pages. In May I found it harder to meditate as I couldn’t sit still and focus on my meditation. My mind was rushing everywhere this past month and I hope it will calm down once I finally got my grades for the big final exams I had in April. The waiting is killing me.

My Life

My forest statistic in May

In May I achieved a major goal. I finally started swimming again. After I couldn’t get myself to go to practice for the last six months I finally got myself to start again and I am loving every minute of it. We now moved out to the outdoor pool and although it was freezing cold for the last three weeks it felt so good to be back at swimming. I even went swimming for myself since we don’t have practice during school breaks. Which leads me to the point that I only had three weeks of school in May. I am currently on a two-week break and getting ready for a trip to Strasbourg where I will be participating in the European Youth Event. I am so excited. My best friend finally came back from her stay in Spain and we went to check out the University I want to go to in October. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to move there. I hope I will get accepted.

How has your May been? Did you get to do anything excited this last month?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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