Yesterday I found this book at my favorite bookstore and I just had to get it. I couldn't resist. The book is called "flow BOOK FOR PAPER LOVERS" and was made by flow magazine. It has more than 300 pages of pretty paper, tags, journaling cards... and is divided into three different section called print studio, paper studio, and pattern studio.

Yesterday I found this book at my favorite bookstore and I just had to get it. I couldn’t resist.  The book is called “flow BOOK FOR PAPER LOVERS” and was made by flow magazine. It has more than 300 pages of pretty paper, tags, journaling cards… and is divided into three different section called print studio, paper studio, and pattern studio.

Print Studio

The print studio contains writing paper, tags, postcards, envelopes, all kinds of different stickers and my favorite a pop-up typewriter. They all come in different designs and are super cute.

The flow book for paper lovers20170507_131917624_iOS

Every sheet of writing paper has an icon on the front and a pattern on the back. There are 23 different sheets in all kind of different designs. They are perfect for writing letters and pen paling (what a surprise) but you can also use the for any other craft project and journaling.


Next are these beautiful tags. There are 26 different ones and I love every single one of them. They have a pattern on the front and an icon as well as lines to write on on the back.


There are 12 different little postcards you could also use as journaling cards.


Following are 12 cut-out envelopes in different designs.


My absolute favorite is the pop-up typewriter. Not only do I love typewriters in general but also love the color and idea of this.


The last thing that is contained in the print studio is 6 sticker sheets.  Two of them are alphabet stickers, two other sheets have pink hearts, stars, and flowers on and the last two sticker sheets hold circles with different designs.

Paper Studio

The paper studio contains office stationary, tissue paper, wrapping paper, stickers, colored paper, a garland saying “let’s stay home”, mini posters as well as a large poster, fold-your-own paper boats, a 3D poster, mini booklets, which are the cutest, and finally monthly calendar sheets.

the flow book for paper lovers

The office stationary includes 6 sheets of paper with different designs on the front and the back. There are different types of graph paper as well as lines paper.


Next are 6 designs similar to the picture above.


I absolutely love the tissue paper, which comes in 3 different designs. I can’t wait to use them.


The paper studio also includes 4 sheets of different wrapping paper which can be used for all kinds of projects besides to wrap presents.  Each sheet has a different design on each side.


Next are 2 different sheets of this kind of stickers.


This is my favorite out of the three small posters which have different designs on each side.


I also love this side of the big poster and I am definitely going to put this up on my wall.


The let’s stay home garland is blue on the one side and yellow on the other side.


Next are the fold-your-own paper boats. At first, there is a short explanation of how to fold a paper boat followed by 11 sheets of paper with different designs on both sides to fold your boat with. The design on the left of the second picture is my favorite.


Aren’t these super cute?


Last, there are these monthly calendar sheets with different designs. Now, there are also a lot of different sheets of colored paper in this part of the book

There are also a lot of different sheets of colored paper in this part of the book.

Patterns Studio

The last section of the book contains cut-out flags in various designs, a create your own landscape poster with stickers, a lot of patterns, some more wrapping paper, mini cards, stickers and patterns you can color in yourself.

the flow book for paper lovers

The first part of this section includes 12 sheets of cut-out flags in all kinds of colors and patterns.


Following is the create-your-own landscape poster with stickers but I am pretty sure I will use the stickers elsewhere.


Next are 10 sheets with lots of different patterns. Again, they can be used for all kinds of projects.


There are also 8 more postcards.


This part of the book includes two more sticker sheets. The second one has glitter on the stickers but you can’t really see it in the picture. I love the first sheet of those two because the stickers are kind of random.


There are also 12 sheets of patterned paper you can color yourself.


Lats but not least are four more sheets of wrapping paper and I am so happy they included the “retro design” in these because I absolutely love it and can’t wait to use it. Each sheet of wrapping paper has a different design on each side.

I think this is the fourth edition of the flow book for paper lovers and I am so happy to have found it. I got the book for 20€ which is really cheap considering how much stuff is in there.

What do you think about this book?

Lots of Love

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The Wonderful World Of Zines

The Wonderful World.jpg

A couple of days ago I watched a video titled “How to make a zine” by Jordan Clark and it introduced me to the wonderful world of Zines.

A zine basically is a self-published magazine and there is a whole community around it. People make zines with their art, poems or make collages. You could even turn it into a letter or an invitation. There are no rules, what I love about it. Some people publish them online but my favorite way to publish it is to leave it at random places for people to find.

I immediately started making some of my own and fell in love with it. Zines are a great way to express my creativity or to write my poems in. What do you think about my zine?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really wanted to try out leaving it at random places. I even made a couple of copies but I chickened out because some of my friends were with me and I still don’t want them to know about this kind of things. Next time, when I am on my own I will definitely do it.  I already made the copies.

Lots of Love

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Journaling essentials

Journaling Essentials.jpg

Today I want to share my five favourite journaling supplies that are either cheap or even for free.

1. A bag

I keep this little bag to put in my journal whenever I take it with me

Since I take my journals with me almost everywhere I go I got this little bag to put them in. I decorated it myself and I love how it turned out to look. The best think about this is that you don’t need to buy an expensive bag. Instead, you can use an old Shirt and sew it together. If you guys want to know how please tell me and I will make a tutorial on it.

2. A set of fine liner


When I started bullet journaling I bought the cheapest fine liner set I could find. You don’t need anything fancy. I love switching between different sizes. It makes your page look a little bit more “professional”.

3. Washi Tape


There is nothing better than Washi Tape. I have a huge collection. There are many different sizes, colours, patterns and ways to use it. I think I will never get satisfied. I will always need more.

4. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a great thing to use for your bullet journal. Whether you use it to write little to do lists or draw some doodles on.  They always look great. You don’t even need anything fancy, although fancy sticky notes are great too.

5. Magazines


Something I do to save some money is to go through old magazines and cut out illustrations as well as patterns. This way I don’t have to buy any expensive stickers.

Lots of Love

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Where To Find Inspiration To Journal

Where To Find.jpg

Lately, I have been talking a lot about journaling. You might have noticed that I am obsessed with it but sometimes I’m just out of ideas. I hate that feeling when I really feel like creating something but don’t have any ideas. You might know that feeling too. This is why today’s post is about inspiration to journal and where to find it.

1. Listen to your inner-self


I get a lot of ideas just from listening to my thoughts. Now, how do you listen to your own thoughts? Well, I usually go for a walk, listen to music or just lay down in my bed and start to think about the things going on in my life. How do I feel? Are there any images coming up in my mind? If you truly listen to yourself I am sure you will find something.

2. Look at other peoples work

Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr… are packed with pictures of other people’s journals. You just have to know how to find them. Here are some Hashtags that can be helpful and accounts I really like:

#journal #journaling #bulletjournal #creativejournal #artjournal #journaladdict #journallove #journalinspiration

@NoorUnnahar, @sincerely_lib, @art.intheclouds, @megjournals

3. Listen to music and look up quotes/poems/pictures

Writing down lyrics of songs you love is a great way to journal20170418_084911301_iOS


Listen to songs you love. Songs with lyrics that touch you are a great source of inspiration. Try to find out why you like them. Why do they touch you? Do they relate to anything in your life? You can use them as an inspiration for your own poem or just write down the lyrics.


Same for quotes and poems. I find them really inspiring whether I just write them down or I add my own thoughts about them on the page.

I wrote the poem on the right based on the picture

Pictures are a great way to find inspiration too. You can glue them in, trace them, use them as inspiration for a poem… The possibilities are endless.

4. Ask yourself questions

I believe that asking yourself questions is the best way to find inspiration as for me journaling is about dealing with the mess in my head. I already mentioned some questions you can ask yourself but here are some more.

  1. What am I feeling right now?
  2. Why do I feel like this?
  3. Is there anything I worry about?
  4. Is there anyone on my mind?
  5. How do I feel about certain other people? Do I like or dislike them?
  6. What is happening in my life?
  7. What do I want to do in the future?
  8. Is there anything scaring me at the moment?
  9. Is there anything I would like to change?
  10. What do I like or dislike at the moment?

Where do you find your inspiration to journal?

Lots of Love

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Meet My First Journal

Meet My First Journal.jpgRecently I have been getting a lot of comments about my journals. A lot of you love them what makes me really proud as I am really close to having 1000 followers on Instagram. Many comments are about how you guys don’t believe you could create something that could look nearly as good as mine. But let me tell you, you can too. That is why I want to share my very first Journal with you.

When I first started journaling I didn’t know anything about it. All I wanted was to have a place to write down things I wanted to remember.

The original Idea of my first journal was to be a planner but that didn’t last for even a whole page.


It became a place for me to write my poems in instead.


From time to time I would draw something in. Most of the time, when I was bored in school.


I started to glue in things I wanted to remember such as lyrics



and I started to write lists.


I became more and more creative.


I got into lettering


and started to experiment with my journal. I practised my lettering, tried out new thinks and even bought new supplies.


Over all of this, it still was a place for me to write my poems in and I even started to write my thoughts in when I felt bad.


All this time I didn’t even know about the big journaling community. I don’t know at which point I finally discovered it but it took a while. The only thing that mattered to me was to try. and I got better and better. I am now at journal number 4 and even started to sort things in different types of journals. I currently work on three different ones, which I will probably show you in my next post.

Don’t hesitate to try journaling yourself. It doesn’t have to be pretty and such as I did you will develop your own style over time. It takes practice to learn something but if you don’t start you never will end up being able to do it. I still practice every day but I refuse to give up trying to learn more and more how to draw, letter…

Lots of Love

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