Music Inspired Journaling

Recently I have been inspired to journal by quite a few songs. Besides including little playlists in my diary I also created a couple of art journal pages based on songs I am currently listening to. Today I want to share some of these journal pages with you and I hope I may inspire you to journal about your favorite songs as well.

1. Mini playlists

Music inspired journaling

I love adding these mini playlists to my diary because with a special song you always associate memories or how you felt during the time you listened to it. In songs, you can conserve certain feelings. If you skip through your journal in a couple of years you can listen to the songs you included in your mini playlists again and travel back to the old times for a while.

2. Portraying the feeling of a song

Music inspired journaling (inspired by city song by Grace Vanderwaal)

This page was inspired by city song by Grace Vanderwaal. It reminds me of the feeling I have when I go on one of my creative strolls to the city. I always feel so happy, free and like I could dance on the street when I am walking through the busy streets. The picture on the right is from the music video to the song which I loved so much that I decided to draw a picture of it for this page. On the left, I also included some lyrics from the song, which I always love to do.

3. Drawing pictures that pops up in  your head while listening to a song

Music inspired journaling (inspired by sick boy by the chainsmokers)

The last page I want to show you today was inspired by the song sick boy by The Chainsmokers. I was listening to the song when this picture suddenly popped up in my head and I just had to try to get it on paper. I also added a line of the song on top.

Are you ever inspired by a song you listen to?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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Art Journal Flip Through


I am so excited to share my finished art journal with you today. I am really proud of finishing it and hope you like it and might even draw some inspiration from it yourself.

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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Art Journal Set Up

Today I am very excited because not only did I finish my diary (you can see a flip through if it here) recently, but also finished my art journal a couple of days later. Just like I did with my diary, I want to show you the set up for my new journal before I show you every single page in my currently finished journal. So be prepared because there will be an art journal flip through up on Sunday.

But now let’s get into my new set up:


This is my new art journal. It is smaller than my old one and, just like my diary, was handmade by myself. I replaced the old pages of this book with new paper and turned it into a notebook. If you are interested there still are a bunch of handmade journals available in my Etsy Shop. I love the new size and I am having so much fun experimenting with it. I had this notebook for years and never really knew how to use it. Now I finally found one.


For the first page, all I did was stamp the word “art journal” in the middle. I love this minimalistic opener because I am always intimidated by the first page. This way there was no pressure but to find the middle of the page.


Next, I included some rules just like in my art journal. I have no problem with people looking through my art journal as long as they follow my rules. I changed the rules a little bit this time but the essence of them is still the same.

Design ohne Titel (1).jpg

For the last page in my new set up, I included my contact information. Luckily I never lost any of my old journals but I wanted to make sure that just in case I lost it my journal would find it’s way back to me. Fingers crossed I will never lose it.

This is it for my art journal set up. I am super excited about working in it and can’t wait to share my pieces with you. Stay tuned for the art journal flip through on Sunday.

Do you have any specific art journal set up?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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January Habit Tracker

Time is passing very fast again. I can’t believe we are already through January. The time is ticking and we are getting closer to April way too fast. I have so much more to study before my final exams in April. But back to January.

I would say January was a good month. Except for that one week when I got my wisdom teeth removed. That wasn’t very pleasant and explains why there is this hole in my habit tracker. I couldn’t journal for like a week because my cheeks were so heavy and they would hurt very much when I sat down to write.

Except for that one week I was productive in January. I might not have journaled as much as I wanted to but I did a lot for my blog and posted almost every day on Instagram. For February my goal is to finally manage to post every day. So far I am doing quite good.

In January I studied less than I had expected but that is fine because I will have to study a lot more from now on and already started to prepare for my exams in April. As exciting as graduating is, it is also a lot of work.

I did finish my diary in January and I am very excited about that. If you have not seen it yet I made a flip through of it and shared how I  set up my new diary. I may not have written that much in January but that is going to change in February.

My Forrest Statistic in January


Now I want to know, how was your January? Did you get to do anything exciting?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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