Where To Find Inspiration To Journal

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Lately, I have been talking a lot about journaling. You might have noticed that I am obsessed with it but sometimes I’m just out of ideas. I hate that feeling when I really feel like creating something but don’t have any ideas. You might know that feeling too. This is why today’s post is about inspiration to journal and where to find it.

1. Listen to your inner-self


I get a lot of ideas just from listening to my thoughts. Now, how do you listen to your own thoughts? Well, I usually go for a walk, listen to music or just lay down in my bed and start to think about the things going on in my life. How do I feel? Are there any images coming up in my mind? If you truly listen to yourself I am sure you will find something.

2. Look at other peoples work

Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr… are packed with pictures of other people’s journals. You just have to know how to find them. Here are some Hashtags that can be helpful and accounts I really like:

#journal #journaling #bulletjournal #creativejournal #artjournal #journaladdict #journallove #journalinspiration

@NoorUnnahar, @sincerely_lib, @art.intheclouds, @megjournals

3. Listen to music and look up quotes/poems/pictures

Writing down lyrics of songs you love is a great way to journal20170418_084911301_iOS


Listen to songs you love. Songs with lyrics that touch you are a great source of inspiration. Try to find out why you like them. Why do they touch you? Do they relate to anything in your life? You can use them as an inspiration for your own poem or just write down the lyrics.


Same for quotes and poems. I find them really inspiring whether I just write them down or I add my own thoughts about them on the page.

I wrote the poem on the right based on the picture

Pictures are a great way to find inspiration too. You can glue them in, trace them, use them as inspiration for a poem… The possibilities are endless.

4. Ask yourself questions

I believe that asking yourself questions is the best way to find inspiration as for me journaling is about dealing with the mess in my head. I already mentioned some questions you can ask yourself but here are some more.

  1. What am I feeling right now?
  2. Why do I feel like this?
  3. Is there anything I worry about?
  4. Is there anyone on my mind?
  5. How do I feel about certain other people? Do I like or dislike them?
  6. What is happening in my life?
  7. What do I want to do in the future?
  8. Is there anything scaring me at the moment?
  9. Is there anything I would like to change?
  10. What do I like or dislike at the moment?

Where do you find your inspiration to journal?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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Meet My First Journal

Meet My First Journal.jpgRecently I have been getting a lot of comments about my journals. A lot of you love them what makes me really proud as I am really close to having 1000 followers on Instagram. Many comments are about how you guys don’t believe you could create something that could look nearly as good as mine. But let me tell you, you can too. That is why I want to share my very first Journal with you.

When I first started journaling I didn’t know anything about it. All I wanted was to have a place to write down things I wanted to remember.

The original Idea of my first journal was to be a planner but that didn’t last for even a whole page.


It became a place for me to write my poems in instead.


From time to time I would draw something in. Most of the time, when I was bored in school.


I started to glue in things I wanted to remember such as lyrics



and I started to write lists.


I became more and more creative.


I got into lettering


and started to experiment with my journal. I practised my lettering, tried out new thinks and even bought new supplies.


Over all of this, it still was a place for me to write my poems in and I even started to write my thoughts in when I felt bad.


All this time I didn’t even know about the big journaling community. I don’t know at which point I finally discovered it but it took a while. The only thing that mattered to me was to try. and I got better and better. I am now at journal number 4 and even started to sort things in different types of journals. I currently work on three different ones, which I will probably show you in my next post.

Don’t hesitate to try journaling yourself. It doesn’t have to be pretty and such as I did you will develop your own style over time. It takes practice to learn something but if you don’t start you never will end up being able to do it. I still practice every day but I refuse to give up trying to learn more and more how to draw, letter…

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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If you are interested here are some more journal flip throughs

My 2nd Journal

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5 Different Ways To Journal

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Journaling is one of my favourite things to do. It is a way to document my life in a lot of different, creative and fun ways. It helps me to deal with things that are bothering me or to relax and calm down, for example after a long day of studying. Now, here are five different ways YOU can dive into the journaling world too.

1. Diary

This might sound really cliche but writing down how you feel can be really healing. Just getting it out of your head and maybe thinking it through sometimes it all you need. My diary is filled with all kinds of thoughts, lists and different things I have stuck in my mind. It also can be a lot of fun to go back and read it again a couple of years later. I used to write a diary all through elementary school and I can’t read it without bursting out in tears of laughter.

2. Art Journal

Now, this is more of a creative way to journal. For me, art journaling is all about drawing what has been going on in my life. I don’t worry about it looking perfect. I just try to have fun while doing it. If you want to have a closer look on my current art journal you can check out my Instagram, where I post a lot of pictures of it.

3. Bullet Journal

My 2017 Bullet20170326_162609427_iOS

You might have heard about Bullet Journaling. It is all over Instagram. There is a whole System behind it and I am probably going to do a whole blog post on its own about it. Most Important bullet journaling is all about keeping track of all your chores, goals, mood… You can personalise it in every which way you want to.

4. Creative Journaling

Creative journaling is kind of is a mixture of scrapbooking and journaling. I love to do it myself whenever I go on a trip. Mostly I am in love with it because of MyGreenCow. I love to watch her creative journal videos.

5. Poetry and Quotes

I got inspired by the quote on the left

Another thing I like to do is collecting quotes or poems that I think represent my life or what has been going on in my life right now and sometimes I even write my own poems.

Do you guys journal? If you do what is your favourite way?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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Marker Review

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As you might know, I am obsessed with markers. I love to use them in all my different journals and have quite a collection already.Some of them are great and some of them are a little disappointing. That is why I want to share my experience with two different markers  with you today

1. Stabilo Boss Original




I have been using the Stabilo Boss Original Neon markes since first grade. They are the common markers in Germany. Everyone has them but I never really liked the bright colors and never used them in my journals. That is why I got really excited when I found out about the new Stabilo Boss Origina Pastel markers. I have been looking for them for months until I recently found a set. I love the colors. They are perfect for my bullet journa but there is a big problem. They bleed through pretty bad. More than the neon colors. That is a little dissapointing because now all I can use them for is my school work.

2. Iconic markers


I found these in my favorite bookstore  and absolutely love them. I went back immediately to buy some more after I tried them. I love the colors, espesially the pastel ones and they don’t blled through at all. They have a fine and thick tip which makes them perfect to use for almost everything you do. I take them to school and all of my friends want to use them too.

What are your favorite markers? Do you recommend any good ones?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

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The ultimate bullet journal spreads list for beginners

The ultimate bullet journal spreads list for beginners

Hey everyone! I’m Iridescence from light up the shining night stars teaming up with Just A Blank Space on a collab. We thought we’d share some tips for bullet journal beginners, or those who aspire to start one. Just A Blank Space has already posted on how to start a bullet journal on my blog, so I thought I’d follow it up with some organised info on the next big thing—spreads.

There’s a huge number of spreads, not even counting TYPES of each spread, that beginners would naturally feel overwhelmed. I know I did. Looking on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr is amazing for inspiration but you just don’t know what to go with in the end.

To make it a little simpler for you to choose, here is a list of spreads which you could start with, in my opinion.

The core spreads

These are the spreads you’ll find in almost every bullet journal because they make life simpler. They’re also the basics of planning.



It’s a simple list of the notations and symbols you will use in your bullet journal. Here, I’m using the traditional symbols recommended but you could use what you wish.

Yearly Calendar

Planning requires knowing dates. And those long-term plans need a yearly calendar. I find that is so much easier than whipping out your phone and looking at that calendar when planning.



All the important spreads, monthly sections etc logged in your index. When you have to look back, this will be your guide.

Future Log


For logging plans months ahead. It’s very useful, especially when you tend to forget plans made a while back.

There is also an alternate version called the Calendex. Here is a video by Boho Berry explaining the method. I wouldn’t suggest it for first-time bullet journalers, though, as it could be tricky when you’re trying to get into a habit of planning.

Brain Dump


Simply a list of tasks which don’t have a deadline. You could look at it when having a bit of free time on your hands and get a bit productive.

Monthly pages

These depend on you needs and wants. Some are optional, there are various ways of doing each. I suggest either researching a lot online as to what you want, or simply start with the basic spread and improvise as you go through the months. The latter might show better results.

Front page


Totally optional, but preferred by many because not only is it aesthetic, you can also be a little bit creative every month while getting a clear divider as a bonus.

Monthly log/Traditional calendar



There are two most popular ways of using this. This basically outlines your events for the month.

There is also another way of using the monthly log, which I had tried the first month of bullet journalling myself. It’s to write one line about every day after the day is over in the monthly log instead of future events. Wasn’t productive-friendly, though, so I ditched it quickly.

Trackers—mood, habits etc


Simply to track things you want to track. As we go by our days, we don’t realise where we spend or time or what we do/didn’t do unless we mark it down. This helps in incorporating better habits and routines.

You could simply shade in or do a cross to mark it, or you could do patterns as shown above to make it more fun.

Gratitude page


Several people do this, and once I started I realised why. I have started feeling much more content and happy with my life when I put down even the simplest things I’m grateful for on paper. Definitely recommend this.

Monthly Goals/Tasks

I don’t do this myself usually but if you have a lot of goals to be done in that month, I definitely recommend this. This could also be done as an extension of your yearly goals. Like breaking them down and doing a bit each month, if you can do it that way.

Aesthetic page


This could be with quotes, pictures, cut-outs, word of the month etc. Basically a pretty page which sets the mood for the month.

Month in doodles

Basically a page full of doodles representing what happened that month. After important or defining events, you could come back and draw a small on the page to mark it. Later when looking back, it would be a pictorial representation of that month. It’ll also be fun to do, especially if you’re keen on drawing or learning to draw.

The regular spreads

These are the ones you’ll be making very frequently. They’re also the ones with the most freedom to improvise, adapt and decorate.



Optional. If you like to log the week in advance on look at the week’s events in one glance, this is it. But if your life is as boring as mine and your weeklies remain mostly empty, you can forego it as well.


Spread for every day. Highlighting tasks, notes, events, and ANYTHING else. Dump everything about your day here. One tip: add even minute tasks to your daily task list. It helps in remembering the small ones as well, and also gives the satisfaction of ticking more tasks off.

Here are a few types of dailies you could make, normal and simple, with or without time headers, vertical and horizontal time headers, doodles etc:





Now, for the alternative spreads

Here are some spreads regarding to these topics that came to mind.

For bloggers, YouTubers, small business owners etc.

  • stats tracker
  • income tracker
  • ideas list/page
  • task list in priority
  • dates/schedules specific to it


  • assignment/reading list
  • deadlines
  • separate spreads for projects, essays, reports
  • quick notes on research topics
  • updates/check-up on your progress in subjects and future steps
  • class requirements
  • syllabus
  • exam dates
  • (basically anything)


  • Health/fitness trackers and goals
  • 100 days of productivity and such
  • mental health log/tracker (could also be incorporated in mood tracker)

Journal pages

  • weekly/monthly overviews
  • just normal journal pages with your thoughts

For moms

There are so many bullet journal accounts on instagram of moms handling their busy lives with a bullet journal. You could incorporate literally everything as different spreads. Make separate spreads/sections for your kids, too. It might help.

Other little things

  • Use tabs or dividers(for disc-bound journals) to permanent spreads and/or sections. They help in opening those pages quickly.
  • Another way is to simply section your notebook into different areas like “personal”,”work”,”travel” etc. The only problem is that there’ll be too many spreads to make and keep up with.
  • If you want to add some colour and decorate but don’t have time, stickers and washi tape are your saviours.
  • Don’t spend too much time planning what to do instead of actually doing it. 
  • Others’ systems/methods of bullet journalling might not necessarily work for you. Especially when you’re trying to replicate from inspirations online.
  • Keep it simple. A bullet journal is to make your life simple, not to add more clutter. If a filled bullet journal is best for you, great. Just make sure it’s simple for you.

Because of the amount of flexibility, a bullet journal provides for everything and it’s the perfect solution especially for those who feel constricted by regular planners. If you haven’t started bullet journalling, do give it a try.

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Do you bullet journal? If not, do you want to? Which spreads are/would be your most used ones? Do YOU have any tips for newbies?