Guest Post-The Brain of a Linguist

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As you are reading this I am on the Alps, trying to survive those long daily hikes. I didn’t want to leave you without anything so here is a Guest Post by the beautiful Em.

100_8848.JPGI have the brain of a linguist.

When I was six, my mum bought me a French picture book which I read over and over and over again until it’s cover became loose and tattered.

I read my dad’s German dictionary cover-to-cover when I was nine, fascinated by the unusual words and the way they felt as they tumbled out of my mouth.

When I was eleven, I spent a fortnight in Austria where, by the end of the trip, I had compiled a lengthy list of German words and my rough translations.

I started learning French at school when I was twelve, childishly excited as I learnt and recited those first few precious words.

When I was fourteen I started a German online course which I still go back to every now and then for fun.

I went to Berlin when I was fourteen and got to experience the surreal feeling of being surrounded by a different language, being in ‘another world’ almost.

Somewhere along the way I learnt a bit of British Sign Language – the alphabet and the UK Scout promise to be more specific.

Now I’m sixteen and I like to listen to Dutch music, read French versions of Harry Potter and dream of future plans of travelling and become bi- or multi-lingual.

I have the brain of a linguist – do you?

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Why I Keep My Blog Secret-Guest Post


Hey everyone and welcome to this post. This one is kind of special because it’s my first time collabing with anyone and This post is a collab with Just A Blank Space who is an awesome blogger who I love very much so go look at her blog to find her post, which will be amazing as all her posts are and follow her if you haven’t already because you’re seriously missing out on life if you’re not following her. So something the both of us have in common is that we both don’t tell others about our blogs because of the reasons that I’ll cover now.
They simply don’t get it: This is the case because there are so many closed minded people in places such as school and if I were to tell them that I blog then their reactions would be simple: “ugh really, who would want to read about your life it’s sad as it is” umm… I kinda have 47 followers as I’m writing this so clearly there are some people reading this” “47 followers that’s nothing wow you suck at blogging and at everything” I’d like to see you try it yourself if you’re going to make fun of my blog. Then what’ll happen is they’ll get the whole school to follow me and leave nasty comments on my blog and it’d be a waste of time and incredibly annoying. But at the end of the day I get more followers so who’s laughing now. They simply don’t understand how fun this is and how many awesome friends you can make.

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I might have got a super power

The last three days have been frustrating. For some reason my laptop refused to load WordPress. I tried everything. I restarted it, reset all my settings and tested if I caught a virus. But nothing worked. Everything but WordPress was loading perfectly. I wasn’t even able to read any posts or notifications.

For some reason it is working again now and I couldn’t been happier. I missed talking to you guys. I really want to interact with you guys more. I love to talk to new people so if you have nothing to do right now or if you would like to do a collaborate with me just drop me an email.

I am pretty sure I told you guys about how I hate Latin. I am struggling with learning it since sixth grade and I just don’t understand it. But something weird happened today. Right before class started I hit my head on a fire extinguisher (don’t ask me how) and I think I turned into a super hero…just kidding. But what really happened was that for my surprise I actually had no struggles translating the text and I didn’t even do any mistakes. Even my teacher was surprised and came up to me after class to tell me that I did really good today. Maybe by hitting my head I gained the super power of understanding Latin…

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

What does it behold|Guest Post

I’m A from Annoymousblog101.
Me and Just a Blank Space have decided to do a collab which is very exciting and you’re probably wondering what is the collab about.
Well the future.
I don’t mean just my future but I’ll talk about that soon.

When we think of the future we think of things that might happen like;
Will I get married?
How many children will I have?
What job?

Well those questions are about YOU not the future in general.
We should ask questions like ;
When will the world end?
That questions has been on humans minds for centuries but never actually solved.
That’s because its in the future we don’t know what the future beholds, we never know the world might be over run by minions or even worse humans… Wait that’s already happened.

As for my future, I don’t think about it a lot,  before my ex friends would talk about what they would name their kids which I never took a part in.

As for the question;
Would you want to know your future?
For me that’s a no, I don’t want to know how my life went because that just ruins the fun of discovering it.

Answer that question and tell me in the comments what you think.

Anonymous blogger, signing out xxx

What I look for in a blog|Guest Post

Hi,everyone! I’m Hideaway Girl and I am so happy to be writing on Just a blank space blog today 🙂 Now, on my blog, I don’t really give blogging advice because in my opinion, I’m still kinda a new blogger even though I’ve had Hideaway Girl for a year. Anyway, this is kinda different for me and I’m actually really excited about writing it 🙂

I love reading what type of blogs people read because it gives me ideas for posts and how to improve my blog so I thought it would be a really cool idea to do a post on what I look for in blogs ?

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