You, nobody else and nothing you do needs to be perfect because as Anne Lamott says it is uninteresting and unreal.

I am not perfect and I never will be perfect either.

My “art” is not perfect and it will never be perfect.

I am sorry to tell you this, but you are not perfect and you will never be perfect too.

Nobody and nothing is and ever will be perfect.

But how does something perfect look like?  What is perfection?

Perfection is shallow, unreal and fatally uninteresting.

-Anne Lamott

You, nobody else and nothing you do needs to be perfect because as Anne Lamott says it is uninteresting and unreal.

There is joy in every little imperfection. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Take a closer look instead and find the joy.  All those little imperfections are what makes you yourself and what makes the things you create yours.

Lots of Love

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Bullet Journal Set Up 2017

New year new journal. Here is how I set up my bullet journal for 2017

On Wednesday I finally got a bullet journal. I bought it on a creativity stroll and I am absolutely in love with it.

The notebook

M new bullet journal is the PAPERWAYS PATTERNISM NOTE 03. Isn't it cute?The inside of the PATTERNISM NOTE 03 by PAPERWAYS

The notebook itself is a drawing notebook by PAPERWAYS. It is called the PATTERNISM NOTE 03 and made of 25% post-consumer recycled paper. It was 12,90€ and the money was definitely worth it. Guess where I found the notebook? I found it in the bookstore I have fallen in love with, which makes it even better. The notebook consists of graphic patterned pages which I think look cute.

My new journaling supplies

My new bullet journaling supplies

Along with the notebook, I bought three new pencils I fell in love with at the store and some cute alphabet stamps. The pencils are by a brand called ICONic. I haven’t heard of them before but I loved the colour. The pencils each have a fine tip and a little marker and were 2,90€ each. I got three colours. Cloudy blue, mustard yellow and pale vermilion. I really want to go back and get some more because I love them so much. The alphabet stamps are by Paper Poetry and were 12,90€. I already used them quite a lot and plan to use them in my creative journal too.

The key

On the first page of my bullet journal I decided to put the key

I started setting up my bullet journal with a key. I decided to go with few symbols because I was afraid it would get too confusing. I did leave some free space so I could go back and add some new ones as I go along. I also left the left side blank because I want to add a quote to it. I just haven’t decided which one yet.

Monthly spread

My bullet journal monthly spread for January

Monthly bullet journal spread for FebruaryI’ve decided to divide my bullet journal into months. I have a monthly overview for each month followed by the weekly spreads of that month. I only have January and February yet because I wanted to leave myself the freedom to change my monthly spreads over the year and find out what works best for me.

Weekly spread

bullet journal weekly spread

bullet journal weekly spread

My weekly spreads are rather clean and structured but who knows maybe they will change over the next couple of months. I definitely want to get more stickers to decorate them. I do love to change up the way they look every week and I am still experimenting with it. It is also a great way to use my Tombow dual brush pens even more. I’ve  got a quite big collection now.

Some more supplies I love to use

I love using my collection of Tombow dual brush pens in my bullet journal

Besides the Tombow dual brush pens, the ICONic pencils and the stamp set I usually use the STAEDTLER pigment liner. I have a set of six different sizes and they always come in handy. For the outline, I usually use the 0.5, for the things I write in the boxes I use the 0.3 and for little doodles the o.1 or o.05 pigment liner. Last but not least washi tape. I am obsessed with washi tape and have a big collection. Of course I can’t resist using it in my bullet journal.

This is it for my bullet journal. I am excited to keep using it for this year and to see how it will turn out. Do you have any tips on bullet journaling?

Lots of Love

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Craft Store Haul


On december 6th we celebrate Nikolaus in Germany. I don’t want to get deep into what Nikolaus is but here is a brief explanation. In the night up to december 6th Nikolaus goes from house to house and leaves candy and little presents for the children living there. He is kind of like Santa Clause but has a religions background. I didn’t expect to get anything this year because I thought I am now to old for it but I was wrong. I got some chocolate, washitape a little money and a gift card for the craft store., which I decided to spend today.

I was waiting all week to finally go and pick up the things I wanted. I have a huge list of things I want from the craft store and although I spend almost 50€ I didn’t get everything. But here is what  I got:

1. A set of six fineliners


Fineliners were one of the top three on my list because my old one ran out of ink and since I got into illustrating I decided to get a whole set which includes six different sizes. I discovered that I rather use a smaller size for doing my illustrations and a bigger size for my lettering. My old fineliner was a size 0.3 and it never seemed to be the right size. Now I can choose and experiment. The set was 14,99€, which is a good price considering that a single fineliner is 3,49€.


2. A Tombow Fudenosuke Pen


I already have 10 Tombow dual brush pens and I know that I will get a pack of 18 dual brush pens for christmas, which I am really excited about. The Tombow brush pens are my favorite pens. I am obsessed with them. The Fudensuke has a brush tip but it is way smaller that the brush tip of the dual brush pens, which makes it easier to write small things. It is filled with back ink and was 2,99€ as far as I remember. It is not on my recipe. I think the cashier might have forgotten to scan it.

3. Water-colours and water-colour paper


I have been using my old set of water-colours, which is used in school years ago, quite I bit and since it is for kids it didn’t have good colours in it. I want to try using water colours for my projects because I love the way they look so I decided to get this set. I absolutely love the colors and already used them for a bunch of christmas cards. The set was 14,99€ and it came with one brush. The water-colour paper includes 20 sheets and was 10,99€ which in my opinion was a little bit expensive but the colours look amazing on it.

4. A water-colour brush


I have seen this brush on instagram and I always wanted to try it too. It isn’t as easy as it seems in the videos but I am sure I will get the hang of it. The brush was 6,99€, which is a little expensive but it was worth it.

I am really excited to use all of my new items and can’t wait for my exams to be over and have more time to do so. What do you think about what I got? What do you wish for christmas this year?

Lots of Love

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How To Do Hand Lettering

How To DoOn my last post a lot of you guys asked me if I could give some tips on hand lettering. I am still trying to learn it but I love to share with you how I got started and give you some tips as well as tell you what supplies I use.


You don’t need any expensive supplies to get started. All you need is a pencil and some paper. Maybe a ruler too. Fine liners a great too. I have the whole collection of Stabilos fine liners but I don’t use them as much for lettering as I use them in school. What I did buy were some brush pens. The first once I had were from ShinHanart, but they always color through two pages. The second ones were  from Farber Castell. Last week I bought some dual brush pens from Tombow and I have to say they are better for lettering than the Farber Castell ones.


How to get started

In the beginning I just tried to write words in different Fonds but what really got me into lettering were Pinterest and YouTube.

Before I started doing it myself I created a board on Pinterest on lettering where I still pinn a lot of things on. It took me months to finally try it myself rather than just stare at the pretty pictures.

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New pens


I got new brush pens today and I am in love with them. I am actually not supposed to have them because I will get them for Easter but I secretly used them already  (Do not tell my mom!!!!! 🙂 ). I doodled some twenty one pilots lyrics because I love them so much. All their lyrics are amazing. I can never decide which once I like the most.

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