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Today I have a new journal with me to share with you guys. I went to London last week and documented the trip in my traveler’s notebook. Working on those spreads was a lot of fun and I am very excited to share them with you. I hope you like it as well.
Lots of Love
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My 2018 Journals

With christmas around the corner 2018 is slowly coming to an end. For me it is totally crazy to look back to where I was in January and where I am now. 2018 has been a very eventful year. I have been going through my journals from this year a lot lately and I came across a list I made at the end of 2017 with things I wanted to accomplis this year and I am proud to say that I accomplished everything on this list except for one little thing.

It is also crazy to look back at all the journals I filled this year.  My forest app tells me I have spent more than 230 hours journaling this year. That is a lot of time. Today I want to show you all the different journals I have been working in this year. How many journals have you filled? 


All my "Diary" Journals from 2018
All my “Diary” Journals from 2018

In 2018 I filled 5 and a half journals so far if you count all my inserts as seperate journals. I had a little “wow-Moment” when I was holding up all these journals. I can’t believe I wrote this much this year.

My first Diary from 2018

This is the journal I started with in 2018 but most of the pages are in here are from 2017. I was already at the end of this Journal in January. It is a Leuchtturm 1917. The Leuchtturm paper is my favorite paper to write on but since I stick a lot of stuff in my journal the journal gets very chunky pretty fast which makes it very hard to write in it. I wish Leuchtturm would make journal inserts as well.

I then continued with this journal which I made myself from an old book by replacing the pages inside with blank paper. Although I love how the cover looks I hated writing in here. The page format didn’t work for me at all and the journal was so big I couldn’t really write in it. Since the paper was blank it was super hard to write in a straight line. I just hated everything about it so I never finished it and moved into my traveler’s notebook. I wrote a whole blog post about not finishing a journal after this one. You can find it here

In 2018 I fell in love with traveler’s notebooks but they were super expensive. I thought about it a long time and ended up making one myself. I am actually very proud of it. I started with two inserts. A Morning page insert and the insert with the boat on the cover. As part of my miracle morning I wrote a page in my morning page journal for about 100 days but then I gave up. It became more of a duty than something I enjoy. My second insert is the black one and the one with the flowers is my current one. There are so many things I love about inserts but I think the major argument is that they don’t get too chunky to write in them and I get to decorate ever cover. If you would like so see how I create the covers please take a look at my YouTube channel. For a closer look inside you can also take a look at my Instagram. I share most of my pages on there. 

Art Journal 

In 2018 my art journal style changed a lot. I started with the dark blue one. I made it myself from an old notebook I had by replacing the paper inside and I still love it. I also fell in love with the smaller size. In this journal I drew a lot myself using my watercolors most of the time.

The second art journal I worked in this year is completely hand made by me. I even made the cover myself. In this journal I mostly worked on collages. I don’t know why but I don’t journal that much in my art journal anymore and I don’t draw much as well. Most of the time it is the lack of ideas. 

Bullet Journal

My 2018 Bullet Journal

This journal is a Leuchtturm 1917 as well but this one is dotted. I started using in in August 2017 and it worked out perfectly because I have just enough space to fill in this December until I have to move into a new one. I have been carrying this journal around with me for one and a half years and it is still in perfect condition. I love it to pieces and I am so excited to choose a new color. I just can’t decide though. Without my bullet journal my life would be more than chaotic and I believe without it I wouldn’t have made it through school with grades as good as I did. 

Penpal Journal 

My penpal journal is a traveler’s notebook as well. It actually was my first attempt at making one myself and I used an old shirt from my dad and a fabric bag I had. I use this journal to put in all the letters I get from my penpals and just moved into my second insert. If you want to take a look inside my first insert make sure to check out my flip through here.

Junk Journal

My Junk Journal

This junk journal was inspired by @megjournals. I have been wanting to start an junk journal after watching her series so I made this journal. In it I collect magical words. I have been collecting magical words for a while now on Pinterest but I love turning this little collection into something physical. As a kid I used to collect magical words as well but I always lost the snippets of paper I wrote them on. The cover got wet though and now is wrinkled which annoys me every time I look at it. 

Inktober Journal

The last journal I started this year is this Inktober journal. I started a little Inktober Projekt but didn’t go through with it. Now I am planning to keep using this journal to write my poems in. 

These are all my journals from 2018. I am still amazed by how much journals I actually filled. I don’t know what I would do without journaling. My life would probably be a lot more boring.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love

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Journal Q&A


Journal Q&AQ&As have become an all-time classic. Whether on YouTube, Instagram or on many other platforms around the Internet, people seem to enjoy them.  But in my soon to be three years writing this blog I have never done it myself. I asked you guys to send me your questions earlier today which I want to answer along with some frequently asked questions. If I leave anything unanswered, feel free to ask me in the comments.

How many journals do you have?

At the moment I am working on four journals at the same time. My traveler’s notebook with my morning pages and my “normal” writing pages, my bullet journal, my art journal and my junk journal. I don’t work in each journal every week but I love each and every one of my journals.


What’s your favorite journaling supply?

My favorite journal supply used to be Washi Tape. I have over a 100 rolls of Washi Tape but at the moment what I use most are cutouts from magazines and all kinds of pictures I find. I love it when my penpals send me some as well. I just recently bought some indigo liquid watercolor from Ecoline and I am obsessed with it as well. It’s just so hard to decide.


How do you keep up with your journaling habit?

Keeping up with your journaling habit can be hard. I get this question a lot and I always say the key to it is to set aside time for yourself to journal. If it helps you can also write it down in your calendar, planner, bujo… as an appointment. Just remember, you can’t be creative all the time. Over the last two weeks, I haven’t been journaling at all because I just couldn’t get myself to do it and that is fine with me. Stressing yourself about keeping a habit just makes it harder to actually keep up with it.


What is your all-time favorite page?

This is an amazing question but it is so hard to answer. I don’t think I have one favorite page. There are so many pages I am proud of but here are some I narrowed it down to four pages I really like:


How do you make your journal pages?

I don’t think I can give a good answer to this question. Each and every page is different but I guess for each page I try to get the pictures and ideas in my head on the paper.


Are you accepting new penpals?

Sadly I am not accepting new penpals right now. I recently started writing to two new penpals and it turned out to be harder to keep up with 5 penpals than I thought it would. It always takes me ages to reply and I am always catching up on my letters


These are all the questions I got for today. Thank you so much for reading. If there is anything you would like to know please ask me in the comments. I always enjoy chatting with you guys.

Lots of Love

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My Journaling Playlist

My Journaling Playlist

Last month I totally got into creating my own playlists. I’ve never really made my own ones before because I was too lazy and there are so many playlists you can listen to on Spotify. But last month I finally sat down and created my own playlist and it was so much fun. Of course, I just had to create my own journaling playlist. When it comes to journaling I love to get this feeling of letting go. When the world around me stops existing and it is just me and my journal. All these songs put me into that zone and of course, I needed to share that with you guys.

I am curious. What are your favorite songs to listen to while journaling?

My Journaling Playlist

  • Green – Cavetown
  • Fool – Cavetown
  • Another One of Those Days – Cavetown
  • Taking Care of Things – Cavetown
  • Big Boel in the Sky – Cavetown
  • 888 – Cavetown
  • Poison – Cavetown
  • Lemon Boy – Cavetown
  • Dining Alone – Shakey Graves
  • I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – Sleeping at Last
  • Abandonada – Abandonada
  • Idle Town – Conan Gray
  • How to Save a Life – The Fray
  • Hey there Delilah – Plain White T’s
  • You Found Me – The Fray
  • I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz
  • All About Us – He Is We; Owl City
  • Bear – Pacific Air
  • This Is Home- Cavetown
  • feelings are fatal – mxmtoon
  • Falling for U – Peachy!; mxmtoon
  • Sick of Losing Soulmates – dodie
  • Here’s My Heart – SayWeCanFly
  • Party Tattoos – dodie
  • Please Notice – Christian Akridge

If you have Spotify you can listen to the playlist right away. Just click here

Lots of Love

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The 6 Most Inspiring Journal Accounts On Instagram

The 6 Most Inspiring Journal Accounts On Instagram

Today I want to share my favorite Journal Accounts on Instagram with you guys. There are so many creative and amazing people out there and I love to find even more of them every day. Maybe some of the accounts on this list will inspire you as well. If you have a journal account yourself feel free to comment on how to find you down below as I would love to see what you do in your journals.


Jordan Clark 

I’ve been following Jordan Clark for a long time and I love her style so much. Her spreads always have this magical vibe to them and look very light and calm. She also makes some very pretty stickers I have had my eyes on since they came out. Although my journaling style is very different she still has a big influence on my journaling.

My Journalistic Life

My Journalistic Life is a rather new account and it is growing super fast. I love the simple layouts of the spreads and how she uses pictures in her post. To me, the spreads look organized and clean but still very pretty and nice to look at.


Caylee Grey

Cayle Grey is one of my favorite accounts because of her minimalistic but still very pretty collages. She seems to find the perfect way to put the pieces together every time and I love the colors she uses in her journals.


Merel Journals 

I love Merel Journals for her awesome collages and have been following her for a long time. She inspired me to try making collages myself and has a huge influence on my art journaling at the moment.


Meg Journals 

Meg Journals had to go on my list as well because of her vintage journaling style and the amazing collages she makes. I love her junk journal and how chunky her journals look. She recently inspired me to make my own junk journal and I have been loving it.


A Girl With A Journal


View this post on Instagram

QOTD: IF YOU COULD TIME JUMP WOULD YOU GO TO THE PAST OR THE FUTURE? I am honestly not sure. I think the future would be awesome because we don't know about it yet. But going back to the past to see my grandparents as young people or great history points would be awesome too. I have had quite a slow day today. It was grey and miserable and I edited a lot after school. Tomorrow is my last day and on Sunday I am driving home.❤ . . . . . . . . . . . . . #journal #journaling #bookstagram #journals #notebook #moleskine #journals #writing #writer #bookish #currentread #bulletjournal #bujo #studyspiration #artjournal #sketchbooks #plannernerd #planner #junkjournal #planner #planneraddict #vintage #harrypotter #doodling #stationery

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A Girl With A Journals was one of the first journaling accounts I ever followed and her account has exploded since then. I love her colorful pages how each page looks unique. I am not a huge fan of pink and purple but her journals are just goals. Pink and purple never looked so good.

And that is it for my top journal accounts on Instagram at the moment. Each of these accounts has a huge influence on my way of journaling and  I couldn’t decide which of these accounts I love most.

Are there any accounts you love most that aren’t in my top 6?

If you have your own journal account on Instagram feel free to comment on how to find it in the comments. I love discovering new journal accounts

Lots of Love

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A Place To Journal

For the last month, I have been experiencing a major creative blog. Although I finally had time to journal ones my exams were all over I couldn’t find any inspiration. Most of my time, I spent sitting at my desk staring at the blank page in front of me. I know this is part of the creative cycle we all go through but it still is pretty frustrating.

I was pretty close to not posting today because I couldn’t think of anything I could do. Luckily I finally found inspiration in my frustration and this feeling of longing for a quiet and inspirational place to journal.  I  went outside, sat on the ground of our small garden and started to record this video.

With this video, I not only wanted to break through my creative blog but also show you that these phases are totally normal.

I hope you enjoy this video and maybe even draw some inspiration from it yourself

Lots of Love
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A Place To Journal / Journal With Me

A Place To Journal / Journal With Me